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About Vistar Transportation LTD.

At Vistar Transportation, it is our mission to provide you with reliable and affordable transportation solutions custom-tailored to your needs. Striving for personal relation with our clients ensures that we fully understand their requirements limitations and product uniqueness.



To become an industry leader by consistently exceeding our customer’s expectations through a combination of professionalism, teamwork, integrity, and ongoing innovated transportation solutions.


Vistar Transportation was founded in 2003 by Virgil Popovici. He instilled his values of safety, exceptional service within all of his employees and iis continuing to do so. We strive towards always upgrading our equipment and technology to ensure the safety of every shipment. These values are the key to the company’s success and our customer’s satisfaction.



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Cargo theft has, historically, impacted the logistics industry from the moment goods first began to be transported across Canada.

It is, unfortunately, a crime that has come with the territory as companies that transport valuable products in large quantities catch the attention of those interested in turning a quick profit through the stealing and reselling of goods. While security measures are continually being put in place to prevent cargo theft from occurring, 2018 has seen a rise in cargo theft across the country.


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