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For more than a decade, Vistar Transportation has provided dependable asset-based and third-party logistics transportation services within North America.

We value our relationships with our carriers and owner operators by offering personalized service, 24/7 support, a timely industry leading payment plan and a wide variety of driving options including FTL/LTL dry van, temperature controlled and flatbed services.  

Working with Vistar Transportation has been a progressive step for a multitude of our carriers that led them to the next level of business and helped them further develop their company. The ability to provide our carriers with consistency is why we are on our path of growth.

Ask us for a solution and we will find one!  

Many smaller companies are joining us under our dispatch program which relieves smaller companies of the need to hunt for their own shipments, worry about border clearance, update brokers and set appointments. Our goal with this program is to keep the wheels turning while removing the extra stress factors of owning your own company.

Please ask us about the benefits of this program!  

We are always searching for dedicated owner operators to join our team expanding team. We need your skills and equipment to move across the continent or on our dedicated domestic lanes. Own multiple trucks, have greater flexibility with time off and build equity while being in charge.

With your assistance we all move forward!  

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Cargo theft has, historically, impacted the logistics industry from the moment goods first began to be transported across Canada.

It is, unfortunately, a crime that has come with the territory as companies that transport valuable products in large quantities catch the attention of those interested in turning a quick profit through the stealing and reselling of goods. While security measures are continually being put in place to prevent cargo theft from occurring, 2018 has seen a rise in cargo theft across the country.


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